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BOISCLAIR ET FILS INC. is proud to own equipment at the cutting edge of technology for manufacturing circular manhole bases as well as the channel, all in one operation during casting. This robotic process allows great precision in the fabrication of the channel and its perfect angulations.

The benefits are many, such as :
  • The manhole and the channel are now MONOLITHIC. The piece is made of high performance self-compaction concrete in order to extend its life of use. This process also provides protection against the infiltration of contaminants between the wall of the manhole and the channel since it is now manufactured in a single cast.
  • The flow gradient is OPTIMAL. This new process rigorously follows angulation as a robot reduces the risk of error. Since the channel is smooth, it is no longer necessary to use an additional coating such as epoxy.
  • The visual finish is IMPECCABLE. In fact, this process reduces the wear by abrasion. The finish is uniform and consistant.
  • Improved management or EMERGENCIES and UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES. Fabrication is faster since the channel is cast at the same time as the manhole.

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