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BOISCLAIR ET FILS INC. is a nationally recognized manufacturer specializing in certified precast concrete. Our company is committed to constantly work to improve our methods and products with great collaboration with our customers. BOISCLAIR ET FILS INC. is renowned to the construction industry for the company's will to perform and to renew itself.

BOISCLAIR ET FILS INC. is specialized in precast concrete for the INFRASTRUCTURE sector for all sewer and waterworks networks as well as for the ELECTRICAL and TELECOM sectors serving networks of Hydro-Québec and Bell. Also, our company contributes to WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT with its residential and commercial septic tanks distributed throughout the province.

BOISCLAIR ET FILS INC. has a great committed staff dedicated to work well done. Our employees provide excellent quality service at all times for the benefit of our customers, for now more than 60 years.